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The story behind Lloyd ...

Some people make a huge impression although you’ve met them only briefly. Here is such a story ...

We were playing a gig in the far North Queensland town of Tully about eight years ago when I was approached by a man who asked if we could play him a song about travelling. His name was Lloyd, he was leaving town the next day and announced he was never coming back. I can still remember the sadness in his eyes and the resolve he showed as he told me his story. 

We couldn’t stop thinking about him afterwards and so Ian began writing this song. We have played it many times at gigs over the years and then when the time came to record it in the studio last year the final arrangement which you can hear on our newly released album ‘Animal Behaviour’ had emerged. We hope you can connect with the haunting melody of the chorus, the sorrow of Lloyds story, the courage of an adventurous spirit during tough times and the celebration of a life. At the end of the recording we gave him the best send off we could.

You can purchase CD copies of ‘Animal Behaviour’ album by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CDs are $15 each plus $3 postage anywhere in Australia
You can purchase digital copies to download from our store at JuJu Moon Online Store

Lyrics available as PDF. Click on image below

lloyd lyrics


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JuJu Moon is an original and exciting festival band complete with full rhythm section, backing vocalists and an entertaining horn section. The soaring saxophones, emotive vocals and rocking guitar of JuJu Moon combine in an energetic show performing original well crafted, meaningful songs - many depicting life in the tropics at Mission Beach.

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