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A song of life, loss and childhood spent in Ballandean

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Everybody has that home they can't go back to. It's a bittersweet tune that everyone can relate to.

All of us have places and people in our lives that meant so much to us that we can only go back to in our memories and dreams. Ballandean is a small town on The Granite Belt in Southern Queensland. It was the site of a family farm, Ian's mothers childhood home and subsequently the best holidays the Stewart kids ever had. Ian's Grandad taught at the Ballandean Primary School, his Grandma sang at weddings in the church that's now a restaurant and he wandered around Uncle Snow and Auntie Helen's farm in a state of bliss.

He still ducks under the fence and does so when he can. Ian and Karen will bring the next generation of Stewart boys with them next time - it's not trespassing, it's an exercise in nostalgia.

About Us

JuJu Moon is an original and exciting festival band complete with full rhythm section, backing vocalists and an entertaining horn section. The soaring saxophones, emotive vocals and rocking guitar of JuJu Moon combine in an energetic show performing original well crafted, meaningful songs - many depicting life in the tropics at Mission Beach.