Our 3rd Baby - Due in October

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Well we’ve finally done it - this baby is off to be mastered this week - due date for release : October 27!

We are really happy that we accomplished writing, recording and producing the whole thing ourselves at Turtleday Productions, South Mission Beach (with two toddlers assisting, pressing buttons randomly, pulling leads,calling out excitedly, especially during takes and breastfeeding randomly during, between, before and after editing, recording, mixing … pretty much all of the time - you get the idea !). CD’s will be available for sale - contact us through our website to pre-order your copy here Woohoo!!! It’s JuJu Time!!!!

About Us

JuJu Moon is an original and exciting festival band complete with full rhythm section, backing vocalists and an entertaining horn section. The soaring saxophones, emotive vocals and rocking guitar of JuJu Moon combine in an energetic show performing original well crafted, meaningful songs - many depicting life in the tropics at Mission Beach.

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