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We are thrilled to be bringing live music back to Tuskers, South Mission this Monday night for New Years Eve! Bring the family and come on down for an awesome meal, some fancy cocktails and some wobbly boot dancing... the band will be a 4 piece this time and will play a mix of covers and originals from our new album 'Animal Behaviour'..

Book a seat with Tuskers for $10 or just take a punt and turn up on the night (but you may need to eat while dancing if the tables are taken) ... This is THE place to be for New Years at Mission Beach JuJus - Woohooo! See you there x
Contact Tuskers for Bookings on 0414 395 164 or via Facebook >HERE<

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JuJu Moon can offer a variety of line ups depending on the style of wedding or event you have in mind. All options include full audio and lighting support, as well as a mic for speeches and iPod backing for breaks and particular songs we do not play. JuJu Moon offers free consultations to discuss event itinerary details and/or particular music selections requested for your event.

About Us

JuJu Moon is an original and exciting festival band complete with full rhythm section, backing vocalists and an entertaining horn section. The soaring saxophones, emotive vocals and rocking guitar of JuJu Moon combine in an energetic show performing original well crafted, meaningful songs - many depicting life in the tropics at Mission Beach.

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