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This baby was recorded 2010 in Cairns at MELPRO Studio and was produced by Mick Evans. 

After a necessary break to have human babies, JuJu Moon is very excited to announce the arrival of their newest music baby early in 2018! 

Gestation is currently underway in the studio at Turtleday Productions at South Mission Beach. Recent scans on Soundcloud report that all is well, all will be well, all will be as it should be  and that the new baby is growing and developing beautifully.

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To be available soon on our new album due to be released early 2018

About Us

JuJu Moon is an original and exciting festival band complete with full rhythm section, backing vocalists and an entertaining horn section. The soaring saxophones, emotive vocals and rocking guitar of JuJu Moon combine in an energetic show performing original well crafted, meaningful songs - many depicting life in the tropics at Mission Beach.

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